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Low Battery Warning Light

July 25, 2013

This message recently appeared on my computer screen. I was pretty wrapped up in a project and forgot that I was working only on battery power. I was grateful for the reminder. Nothing good would have come of a dead battery moment and an unplanned shut down.

It made me think about my own schedule. It is easy for me to get wrapped up in life. I have a wealth of tasks that I enjoy doing – more honestly, too many tasks I enjoy doing. I could probably use a nice objective warning message on the screen of my brain saying, “Running low. STOP! Take a break.”

For some reason, God did not see fit to equip us with the same technology as my laptop. But that does not mean he has left me without what I need to not run out of juice! I need to accept responsibility to say, ‘No’ to anything that diminishes God’s intentions for my life. I must stop when I feel things like fatigue, irritability, or withdrawal encroaching on my spirit. I need to stay engaged with my family, friends, and faith community for refreshment and accountability. I am responsible to cultivate the ‘ears of my spirit’ to listen to the voice of God. The busier I get, the smaller my ears and the quieter his voice. That is my issue, not His.

If your soul had a meter on it, what would it read right now? If it is strong and healthy, give thanks. If it is weak and fading, take note. Jesus gave one of the greatest invitations ever when he said, “Come to me, all of you whose battery meter is dangerously low, and I will give you an authentic OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer’s) recharge.” (Matthew 11:28, Laptop Paraphrase)

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