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Watching or Living?

July 3, 2013

Stellar JayThe other morning, I was looking out the kitchen window at our deck. Two large stellar jays came and perched on the railing. They pecked at some food and then began to move closer to the window where I was looking out. Eventually, they got as close as they possibly could. I watched and wondered what would happen if they knew how close I was. I can’t imagine a wild bird even thinking of coming within 10 feet of a human. The safety of the window seemed to give them a boldness to come very close to me.

Some of us live our faith in a similar manner. We are willing to come close to anyone as long as we don’t have any fear of actually being exposed to or touched by them. We know that Jesus came to save those who are ‘lost.’ However, we are quite sure that we are called to be pure, holy, and righteous We are equally certain that none of these critical qualities of faith could possibly be maintained if we were in actual contact with people who are not holy, pure, and righteous.

Really? If the only way I can maintain my faith is to be protected from people who don’t share my faith, how can I live out God’s invitation for me to be a blessing? Is it good enough to leave some crumbs that people can find and when they clean up their act, then I can have contact with them?

If your primary goal as a Christian is to avoid any influence of those who do not share your moral and behavioral expectations, I invite you to think again. We need the boldness of a slightly domesticated jay that lands on a picnic table surrounded by people. Not to steal their food, but to develop a relationship.

We can see life through a window, but we can’t live it until we are on the same side.

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