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Strategic Life Change

June 3, 2013

The gym I go to, recently replaced all the TVs with new flat screens. They are really nice.

television setsThe one problem is that most of the old TVs at least worked. More than one can say for the exercise equipment. One of the more prevalent signs at the gym is “Temporarily out of order. Thank you for your patience.”

I suppose, one might take it as a wonderful coincidence. You could go to the gym, have no available working machines, but great TVs. All the fun – no sweat!!

This scenario reminds me that I need to assess what really needs to be changed in my life. Why would I worry about upgrading my entertainment equipment if I was short on food? Would I be shopping for a better cell phone if I didn’t have money for clothes?

What about spiritually? God quietly and gently calls us. He is not demanding nor does he shout. I make choices with my time, my activities, and my mind. If my life goes on its current trajectory, am I going to be pleased with where it ends? More importantly, will God be pleased? Am I focused on the things that need attention, or am I working on peripheral things?

Maybe I need to find a gym with broken TV’s and working treadmills. That means all the sweat and no fun. But it would give me the time to think about what I really need to change.

What is the most significant change God wants you to make in your life today?

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