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Hard Jobs

May 28, 2013

Serve Sherwood 2013“Pastor Phil, I’ve never seen you work so hard.” These were the words from a young girl while our church was recently engaged in a service project. I don’t know whether it was the glistening mud that results from the combination of sweat and dirt, the impressive strength with which I was operating the Weed Wrench, or the sheer fatigue revealed in my face, but for some reason, this day I was perceived to be working hard.

I know there is a lot of humor about a pastor’s work week – “You only work one day a week.” Or “You only work one hour a week!” This little girl’s comment got me to thinking about hard work.

Some of the hardest jobs rarely involve sweat or even physical exertion. They are tasks that drain your soul. Hard work is a teacher trying to build up a student who has been told she will never amount to anything. Hard work is a patient climbing into a treatment chair for another round of chemotherapy. Hard work is sitting by the bedside of a loved one waiting for their final breath. Hard work is listening to a friend unload a burden they have been carrying inside for years. Hard work is restoring a marriage that has experienced the toxic waste of infidelity. Hard work is starting over because your life mate has walked out on you. Hard work is meeting for years with a therapist to overcome deep emotional scars of abuse. Hard work is praying daily for a child who is struggling in their life journey.

When Paul, the Apostle, wrote, “Do not grow weary in well doing,” I imagine he was talking about the soul draining tasks that are rarely be visible. These tasks weigh on our mind and soul so deeply that even our sleep is impacted. This is why he wrote just before this, “Bear one another’s burdens.” We need help for the hard seasons of life.

What other ‘hard jobs’ can you think of? What hard work are you facing? What hard task do you need someone’s support to make it through? Who do you know that needs a listening ear or a shoulder to lean on?

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