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Call in the Next 10 Minutes

May 14, 2013

Alarm Clock UrgentThe number came on the screen as the actors completed their testimonials. All the appropriate hype, “Normally you would pay…, but order now and you can save…” “But wait! Call now and we will double your order at no extra cost.” Finally, “Call in the next 10 minutes, and we’ll send you the first 30 days for FREE” (you just pay for shipping and handling).

I was struck by how the whole segment seeks to create a need, offer this incredible solution, make it available at an irresistible price, and end with a deep sense of urgency to ORDER NOW. “If you call in the next 10 minutes…” What would happen if I called in the 11th minute? How often is this commercial running and how many 10 minute windows are there at the call center?

In contrast to this well-crafted and carefully designed plea stands the simple invitation of Jesus to “Follow me.” The need is felt inside our hearts, but we have learned to quiet the sense of urgency to respond. We are so busy responding to skin care, kitchen gadgets, and status improving offers, that the voice of eternity is muted.

However, when all the hype and hustle is gone, the deepest longing in our souls remains. The good news is that so does the invitation. Jesus doesn’t manipulate us into a decision, he simply invites. The decision is more important than any other offer we will ever receive, and we control the response.

Look at your calendar for today or this week. Is it populated by things that are urgent or important? You have an invitation waiting that is worth raising to priority status.

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