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How Would God Describe Me?

April 23, 2013

dove sketchThere’s a video that’s making its way around the internet and it’s become quite viral. Dove created a video that showcases woman being sketched on 2 different occasions: once as they sit and describe themselves to the sketch artist and once as a stranger who has spent a short amount of time with the woman describes them. The sketch artist can’t see the women, as they are behind a curtain during the sketching process. The end result is very moving and the video leaves a profound impact on the viewer. Point being, that we are much more critical of ourselves than others. Others overlook the flaws that we seem to hold on to and they are able to find beauty within us.

dove sketch 2The video stuck with me. I am reminded that I am my own worst critic and I was left wondering how I can help my daughter have a much stronger self image. I also keep playing the same question over and over in my mind – “How would God describe me?”  That’s a good question, don’t you think? It’s changed the way I’ve been able to see myself the past few days. I imagine if He was describing me, the sketches would look very different from my own personal viewpoint.

I try to place God’s sketch in my mind, as a permanent image. I try to remember that He doesn’t make mistakes, He creates us in His own image. God formed us at the peak of creation. We were his climax! And God not only thinks that’s good – He thinks that’s really good.  (Genesis 1:26-27, 31).

With the messages that are sent by society today, we tend to think that we aren’t perfect, we focus on our flaws, we compare ourselves to others, we desperately try to look young and fit and buy everything and anything that might slow the aging process. We are on a continuum to change ourselves – to be someone that we aren’t. We’re never fully satisfied with who we are and what we look like. I have to ask if that’s what God intended? He sees us as beautiful and worth the price of His Son.

If we were reminded of this each day, I wonder how our perception would change? If we believed this and came to the place where we knew it was true, I wonder how that might change our lives? I imagine it would give us a bit of freedom from the chains that bind us. I imagine it would give us more confidence, assurance, and acceptance of ourselves. I imagine it would transform us.

Might we all imagine for a moment what our sketch would look like if God was describing us?

If you’d like to view the Dove Real Beauty Sketch Video, follow this link:

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