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Don’t be a Cracked Pot

April 15, 2013

The other day, I needed to mix some 2-cycle oil with some gas for a yard tool. I went into the kitchen and found the perfect container. It was a hard plastic measuring cup with ml markings up the side. I was confident it could withstand the harsh chemicals and I would be able to get my exact proportions measured out.

I poured in the oil and then added the gas. It worked great. Using the little spout, I put the fuel in the tank and decided to mix up one more batch for the job.

As I started the second batch, I noticed some funny etchings on the side of the measuring cup. By the time I was done, the etchings made the container look like a fine artwork of small mosaic pieces. Just in case I miscalculated the viability of this cup for the task, I quickly washed it out with soap and water.

After a good cleaning, the consequences were evident. The plastic was not etched, it was cracked. The plastic has reacted with the gas and formed hundreds of hairline cracks from top to bottom. The measuring cup was ruined.

We are made for a special purpose. God has ‘marked’ and designed us each to carry out ministry for the kingdom. If we use our lives for the wrong purpose, no matter how well shattered glassintentioned, the consequences can be far reaching. Well intentioned misuse can result in burn out, frustration, and fatigue. Ill fated misuse can result in a life as fractured as my old measuring cup.

Paul describes us as a vessel. How are you using your vessel? If we are following God’s design, we find joy and fulfillment. If we are pursuing our own desires, we may be nothing more than an old cracked pot!

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