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Root Bound Faith

March 11, 2013

???????????????????A recent rain storm filled a large planter with water. Even after three days, the water was still standing in the pot. Concerns for the plants led me to tip over the pot. What I found was three holes that were totally filled by roots. Long ago and unseen to us, small roots found their way to the bottom of the pot and out the drain holes. Imperceptibly slow, the roots grew. What started as a search for life giving water, ultimately became a life threatening condition. Without serious intervention, the pot would have no means to rid itself of excess water and turn into a cesspool of rot.

The roots remind me of how sin enters our lives. At first, it is an innocent foray into some tantalizing experience. Virtually unnoticed, the innocent foray becomes a consuming compulsion. We can’t imagine our lives without it. Suddenly, a storm dumps on our lives and we realize we have no capacity for coping with the mess. Our only source of life giving relief has been blocked by our consumption.

Health was not going to return to our pot by spooning the water out of the top. We had to tip over the pot and drill new holes for drainage. When sin becomes too pervasive in our lives, we are past minor adjustments. Repentance is a complete change of heart, a total transformation of our minds, a brand new direction with our thoughts.

We all find ourselves root-bound once in a while. It is not a terminal condition unless we try to deal with it by denial.

What do you think could be plugging the life-giving sources in your life? What has replaced important time with family or friends? What has gone from a goal you dreamed of pursuing to a nightmare you can’t wake up from? What do you need to do to get back on the track of life God intends for you? Who will walk beside you on the path to life? How will you tap into the courage and strength God has to offer?

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  1. March 11, 2013 7:41 AM

    This is a particularly striking image that I shall return to many times. What if you’d paid no heed to the pooling water? What if you’d not turned things upside down?

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