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March 4, 2013

Lagoon Reflection Upside Down SmallLast week I confessed to the clumsy way this ‘artistic’ photo came about. Besides the idea of stillness, another idea hit me. I actually like the reflection more than the ‘real’ tree. Something deeper about its features and more vivid definition of its elements.Lagoon Reflection Small

This is reality upside down! But is it? We are always looking at life from the ‘under’ side. God sees all of life from the ‘top’ side. Our view is always limited. His view is always infinite. When things look out of sorts from our view, one of the promises God gives us is that he is still watching over every miniscule detail. It may not alleviate our pain or confusion, but it does help to know that what we see is not all there is. God invites us to rest in his providential care. When our life is finished, he promises that it will be a master piece!

As I mentioned last week, for us to know this, it requires a time of stillness in our souls. May we learn to trust God so deeply that we catch a glimpse of life from his perspective, even while we still walk below. May we hear the ancient words in a fresh way, “Be still and know that I am God.”

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