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Art or Accident?

February 25, 2013

Lagoon Reflection Upside Down SmallSo I’m trying to learn how to use this new phone. I know this is boring and elementary to anyone under 40, but humor those of us who are coming to technology a little later… I took a picture of this reflection and then in trying to post it on Facebook, I started hitting buttons on the screen. One turned it 90 degrees. To get it back in line, I had to go three more clicks. However, when I stopped at two, I kind of liked the look and hit ‘post.’ Thus you see the adjacent photo.

As I think about it, the more engaging thought is not that I managed to post a photo from my phone but that such a beautiful reflection is primarily due to stillness. If my goal as a genuine follower of Jesus is to reflect Jesus as fully as possible, then I must be still. The still water generated nothing of the image; it merely reflected the beauty which towered over it.

In this season of Lent, I’m reminded that I need periods of stillness in my life if I long to be a reflection Jesus to the world. Is anything creating ‘ripples’ in your life that are distorting the image of Jesus? What could you do today that would quiet your life in a way that you could more clearly reflect Jesus to the world?

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