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What does Toilet Paper reveal about your character?

February 12, 2013

???????????????????Have you ever gone into a bathroom and wondered what the person was thinking who left one square of TP on the roll? I can only imagine that their thought was, “Whew, I’m glad it didn’t run out on me.” I can’t imagine they were thinking, “The person who comes behind me should be able to get along fine with one square.”

Even when you are company at someone’s house, it is hardly poor etiquette to find a replacement roll or at least let your host know of the need. I know the debate rages over whether TP should be installed with the roll dispensing ‘over’ or ‘under,’ but really, that debate pales in comparison to the importance of empty or full!

What is your attitude in life? Are you glad you are comfortable, or are you thinking about others? Do you go the extra mile or settle for the absolute minimum? TP may not be the ultimate test of character, but it does reveal something about a person’s thoughtfulness.

Some of you are thinking that I ought to be more grateful that I live in a place that uses TP. I trust that the first person to use a roll and the last person to use a roll are equally grateful. Maybe I’m stretching to argue entitlement or privilege over TP. But, if we claim to be followers of Jesus, thinking about others is one of the most important characteristics of our faith. Frankly, one square just doesn’t cut it.

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