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You Never Know When

January 7, 2013

Forgive us if we are reveling just a little too much. Seattle sports fans don’t have a lot to celebrate. We have so few championships that we measure success bya team having a winning record, making the playoffs, or even merely keeping a franchise in town! So yesterday’s NFL playoff win has us a little giddy

Image Source: Andy Williams

Image Source: Andy Williams

I was listening to a review of the game on the radio this morning and the sportscasters were identifying critical plays. The score was 14-0 in favor of the Washington Redskins. Seattle had a total of minus 4 yards. Russell Wilson completed a pass to tight end, Zach Miller, who dodged a defender and picked up almost exactly the yards needed for our first first-down. Only the ninth offensive play of the game, but the momentum began to change. Later Sidney Rice would make a spectacular catch. Marshawn Lynch would scoop up a fumble with one hand and turn a near disaster into an 18 yard gain

Seattle ran a total of 68 plays. A few of them stand out. Some because they were exceptional. Some because they were critical. When it happened, the pass to Zach Miller appeared rather routine. But looking back, it is now understood to be pivotal.

Life is like that, hundreds of days, thousands of decisions, millions of actions – some are exceptional; some are critical. Seldom do we know in the moment, what the impact of each decision or action will be. That is why it is important for us to treat every conversation, every decision, and every action with all earnestness. We don’t know the ultimate importance of each moment. The challenge is to treat every tear and every laugh, every meal and every trip with the awareness that its true impact will only be known later.

On a play that took about 10 seconds of a 60 minute game. On a play where Zach Miller stretched for a few inches of the 380 total yards the Seahawks gained. The game seemed to turn. Ordinary. Routine. Mundane. These words might describe our days, but they don’t need to define our significance. These moments can be transformed into pivotal, crucial, and exceptional when we give life our all. Our lives are extraordinary, we just don’t know when!

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