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Listening to God Speak

December 31, 2012

MP3I was comfortably wrapped up in my private world at the gym the other day. I had a good book on my MP3 player and I was intently trying to listen as I worked out. I say trying to listen because I found myself straining to hear the words. So naturally, I turned up the volume on my player and tried again. However, now I am sensing it is not my device that is defective, it is the volume of the music being played in the gym that is overwhelming my efforts.

Is this not somewhat like our efforts to listen to God in our lives? We try to get as plugged in and as close to him as possible. Like my earphones, the appearance is that the rest of the world is shut out. However, the noise in the world around us is so prevalent, the voice of God can easily be drowned out.

As we strive to establish that intimate connection with God, we need to be mindful not only of how we are connecting, but also of what other activities around us may be distracting us. I’m not thinking merely of TV’s, iPods, and loud stereos in the car next to you. I’m thinking about calendars that saturate our days with activities, grudges that consume our mental space, and ambitions that consume our energies and attention.

Earphones can be a wonderful asset in helping us to block out the distractions around us. But if we don’t turn down the other noises that pummel our senses, we’ll still have trouble hearing the One voice that really matters. God is constantly speaking to us. If we don’t hear him, guess what needs to change! As you head into the New Year, what ‘noise’ would you like to turn down? God rarely turns up the volume to get our attention. He waits for us to be still and listen. Do you have time set aside each day to quietly listen to God?

“They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint” (Isaiah 40:31).

As we learn to wait and to work in a posture of stillness we are being changed. We begin living in the steady peace of God, a peace that goes down to the very depths of our soul. Richard Foster

Here is a link to Richard Foster’s entire article on waiting:


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