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Welcome to Our World

December 24, 2012

Welcome to our WorldOur first grandchild arrived last week. What a wonderful moment in family history. However, she did not come without some concern. Ever since her 20 week ultrasound, we have heard from doctors that some fetal developmental issues were observed. A wide range of possibilities were reviewed which ranged from catastrophic to nothing. It made the wait difficult at times.

When she arrived, I found the anxiety of waiting does not easily dissipate. We still have more tests and more reports. How much can I share and not sound like a whining grandpa? I found myself longing to give the ‘all’s well’ announcement. But for now, that word still has to wait.

As I thought more about this I realized I will NEVER be able to give the ‘all’s well’ announcement. Our granddaughter is coming into a hostile environment! Her parents are awesome, but she was born in a hospital full of sick people, during a Seattle winter with its ‘best’ gray drizzle and misery, and faces who knows what for college tuition. Oh, and did I mention BOYS! Yikes, these few weeks of waiting pale in comparison to her future!!

However, as I reflect on what her future holds, I become less anxious, because she has a Savior. One who came just like she did into a hostile environment so that we might have One to be with us through our trials. At Christmas, we are reminded of this miracle in one of the names given to Jesus – Emmanuel: God with us.

I’m still not excited about colds and tuition, or boys….but I’m not anxious. Our Father has given us just what we need – His Son: Our Savior.

I will pray for her, hold her, embrace her, and kiss her, but most importantly, I’ll entrust her to the One who defied all the odds and brought us the only hope that will survive. This is a scary world, but thanks to Jesus, we’ll have a Merry Christmas and peace in the New Year.

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  1. December 25, 2012 1:00 PM

    The the miracle of Ana Lucia – and how there is always room in our hearts to love each one who comes into our family.

    • Joyce Day permalink
      December 27, 2012 4:32 PM

      Congratulations, darling baby.. Anxieties are small now compared to ones you will have watching her through the next years, and all grandbabies to follow…:)

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