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Is the End Near?

December 21, 2012

12.21.2012Another reason to worry. By some accounts, the ancient Mayan calendar runs out on December 21, 2012. Some speculate that this ancient civilization may actually have some unique insight on the end of the world. (If you are reading this, it did not happen!!)

The most puzzling reports I hear are the ones of people hording and stockpiling supplies. Maybe I am missing something and you can help me. If the world ends, what supplies will I need? If I have a stronger shelter and more food and the world is gone, what good will they do me?

Speculation about the end of the world is irrational. And so, people will continue to do irrational things like stockpiling for the irrelevant.

This may seem a bit simple, but why not focus on the inevitable end all humans face? By coming to peace with God, we have no fear of the last day on earth because that will be the first day of being eternally present with God. When we have this assurance, we don’t have to buy any supplies or build any bunkers. We can live freely and fully every day we are alive.

One of the names given to Jesus was Emmanuel, ‘God with Us.’ During this Christmas season, this is a powerful reminder that God is always with us. This does not mean a life of ease or free of struggle. It means whatever comes our way, God will be present. If the story ended with a baby in the manger, that would seem naïve. Since it includes a cross and the resurrection, it offers hope.

The God of yesterday and the God of tomorrow is with us today and every day. Since He is the Lord of everyday; we need not fear any day! Is the end near? With God with us, the question is irrelevant. Is the end here? I only know it is one day closer and with God, I’m ready for tomorrow or eternity.

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