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December 3, 2012

Twirly SkirtsEach time I walked into my daughter’s room over the past month, I cringed. There’s no room to walk with all of her stuff, her writing table had become a place for junk and you can’t get to her bookshelf because of the messiness that was created. Life has been busy for us all. We’ve been on the go. We’ve had projects, homework, extracurricular activities and the Thanksgiving holiday. We’ve also had many weekends where our family has served others. It’s been very rewarding, but also very busy. Now, here we were looking at the residual mess!

We were on a mission to simply clean up the writing table today. Our little project ended up in an entire overhaul of her room. We cleaned, purged, rearranged. In the end, she looked at me and just said, “Wow!” My daughter has been in her room for hours. Each time I walk by, I see her playing nicely with a big smile on her face. My husband commented on how proud she was of her room.

It dawned on me that much of life works the same way. Our lives become messy and busy. Our schedules are tight, we’re juggling responsibilities, we find ourselves saying “yes” when we should be saying “no” and our relationships can suffer. Furthermore, in the midst of our rush filled, hurry up lifestyle, we can end up being pulled in too many directions and this can negatively affect our own personal lives. We end up on empty or so overloaded that the heaviness begins to weigh us down. I know for myself, when I’m overloaded, I have a tendency to crash. I don’t spend time in the Word and I don’t seek God – I seek my bed!

I watched my little girl playing, smiling, dancing and truly enjoying her new space. It was a good reminder that I also need to purge, clean and polish. Not my room (although that needs it, too), but my heart. I need to seek God. I need to put God first – before other things and other people. When we are too busy, it leaves little time for spiritual reflection – little time with God. And the ironic part is that we get so busy doing things for God that we end up replacing it with time spent with God. We leave the renewal piece behind.

Christmas time can be a wonderful time for reflection. It can be a wonderful time to reflect on the many blessings God has given and for gratefulness to abound. It can also be a rush filled time with many activities and we can find ourselves doing a lot to celebrate Christ’s birth versus reflecting on that awesome gift. I urge you to spend a little time over the next few weeks cleaning, purging… and spending time in prayer with our Lord. I bet it puts a smile on your face as well!

But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness to pray.
Luke 5:16

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