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A Sticky Thanksgiving

November 26, 2012

Stained Glass window at East Valley Reformed Church

Our children’s minister has been emphasizing the importance of our children having at least five adult relationships within the church. Studies have shown that children connected with at least five other adults in the church have a much higher likelihood of staying in the church after they turn 18. It is called “Sticky Faith”.

This Thanksgiving, I was in my home church, East Valley Reformed Church, in Yakima, WA. I grew up in this church the first 25 years of my life. Here I sat 30 years later and this is what struck me. I was sitting with some of the significant adults who helped me to develop Sticky Faith! Can you image sitting with Harry, Marilyn, Joyce, Del, Doris, and Joyce. I could remember others who have died over the years: Erle, Lois, Dorothy, Jim, Norma, and Maude.

Even more, I was sitting with peers who had the same Sticky Adults in their life! I was not the anomaly, but the norm. What a legacy!

How Sticky are you? Are those who look up to you finding steps they are eager to follow? Are they experiencing God’s unconditional love through you?

As the testimonies of Thanksgiving were shared, the gratitude welled up in my heart. I hadn’t had a bite of turkey and I was already full! I trust this Thanksgiving meal will stick with me for a long time.

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