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All I Want for Christmas

November 19, 2012

     What should I get _______ for Christmas? You can fill in the blank however you desire. For many of us the reason we puzzle over this question is that the person we are thinking of doesn’t need anything! Still, the real reason we want to give a gift is express our love. How do we show love with a gift for someone who has all they need?

My friend shared her simple request to her family. Her gift list consists of three options:

  1.   Give me something you have made.
  2.   Give me the gift of time – something we can do together.
  3.   Give me a book you have read.

As the Christmas shopping season approaches, can you share any tips you have for meaningful ways you like for people to express love in a gift for you?

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  1. November 20, 2012 8:40 AM

    I love this! We’ve been trying to give experiences as well. In the long run, we won’t remember what gift was given in 2012, but we will remember doing something with someone we love and how that made us feel.

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