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How to Cure Black Friday Creep

November 12, 2012

Black Friday is turning into Terrible Thursday. Stores have decided to breach the traditional midnight store opening boundary and invite customers in at 8 or 9 PM on Thanksgiving Day. So much for that scrumptious dessert being the cap on your dinner!

For our church’s November newsletter, I included a short list of ideas of organizations that give people an alternative to traditional gift giving. We have become so consumer driven by the holiday that it is easy to lose the meaning underneath the piles of wrapping paper. I am not a Grinch and I am not interested in depriving children of a merry Christmas present. However, when our greed overcomes others needs, we are not building people up; we are weighing them down.

I’d like to share my short list with you and ask if you have other organizations that can help us recapture the Spirit of the season.

World Concern –

Medical Teams International –

World Vision – (click ‘ways to give’, then ‘gift catalog’)

Reformed Church – give a gift of hope –

Agros International –

Samaritans Purse –

Jacob’s Well (long term transitional housing) –

I look to organizations that share my Christian values. If you do a little research, it can be much more rewarding and less stressful than competing with the crowds at the mall! You really can enjoy ‘shopping’ for Christmas presents.

If you have never practiced alternative Christmas giving, here are two suggestions.

1) Talk about it ahead of time. In our family, we take turns picking out the organization we would like to support and everyone sends in a gift.

2) Ask others not to buy you things. A surprise card that says you are not getting a gift because your money was sent somewhere else, does not always carry the spirit of the season you might hope.

If done well, giving gifts to others you don’t even know can actually be more rewarding. For families with children it provides a powerful teaching moment. For all of us, it provides a great reminder of all that God has given to us and everything really belongs to Him to begin with.

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  1. November 12, 2012 3:25 PM

    We like this one.


    • November 12, 2012 9:12 PM

      Thanks for sharing. There are a lot of good organizations doing great work.

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