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Proactive Soul Care

October 29, 2012

I was southbound on I-5 the other day when I saw not one, but two cars pulled off to the side of the road, each with a flat tire. My initial response was that seemed like an unfortunate coincidence. My more anxious thought was, “Is there something on the freeway that is causing flat tires? And have I just gone over the same hazard and I am the next driver that will need to change a flat tire?”

As I went sailing by at 60 MPH, I was relieved to not feel any unusual wobbling or thumping indicative of a flat tire. What I realized was that by the time I saw the disabled cars, it was too late to do anything to change my fate.

This is an important life lesson. We should do all we are able to avoid disasters, not drive through them and hope to be unscathed. We can help to protect our lives by our choices and our activities. The news seems to delight on telling us what will shorten and what will lengthen our lives. But God does not measure a life in days. More days of miserable living does not yield a better life. When we spend our time developing a deeper faith, caring more genuinely for others, and engaging in activities that bring life to others as well as ourselves, we improve the quality of life.

We don’t need more days to have a good life. When we live proactively, making wise choices, we can reap the benefits of ‘the good life.’ In some instances, it will help us avoid problems. In other situations, it will help us make it through hardships. The good life is never free of flat tires.

On the other hand, if we choose to live reactively, we will often find ourselves changing flat tires that could have been avoided. We just waited too long to engage in the actions that help our faith to grow and our hearts to be strong. Spare tires are comforting and provide a measure of safety. Just remember, most cars only carry one and it is always preferable to never have to use it!

For our cars, we try to keep the oil changed, the windows clean, and the tires inflated – that is proactive. What proactive steps do you take to maintain your soul? If you still have a pulse, it is not too late for a little proactive maintenance!

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