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A Test of Maturity

September 18, 2012

Melissa came home the other night and reported that her ‘third eye’ was out. This came as a surprise to me. As long as we have been married, I have only known her to have two eyes!

The ‘third eye’ was the term the mechanic used for the high brake light on her van. In my most manly way, I confidently strode out to the garage to rescue my damsel in distress. I’ve changed many a brake light and I was sure my legendary hero status would rise in her eyes as I again delivered a life saving feat.

One look at the situation and my stomach sank. I had no clue how to get at this light! It looked to me like one would need to disassemble the entire hatch door in the hopes of gaining access to the socket. I was totally overwhelmed by the problem. I slunk back into the house and confessed that I was clueless and she would need to find another man who could rescue her from this problem.

A few days later, I began an internet search to see if there might be help for my dilemma. Eureka! Some southern gentleman kindly had a 3 minute and 24 second You Tube video posted to show me a step by step solution.

With a renewed spirit of confidence, I went straight to the auto parts store and purchased a 921 replace lamp. Within 10 minutes of beginning my task, I was again restored to a position of honor in our home. Even my adoring wife was surprised by the speed with which this do it yourself job was accomplished (frankly, I was too!).

What as the difference? I had someone give me a demonstration of what I needed to do. The mechanic told me I had a problem; my You Tube buddy showed me how to fix it. We face challenges in life that are no less real or baffling than my burned out brake light. Without an experienced guide, we are overwhelmed as we face them. In our faith journey we can greatly benefit by asking a spiritual elder to show us our way. Seldom is life fixed in 3 minutes and 24 seconds, and most life issues are not solved on You Tube. A mentor can make the journey easier. Do you have someone who is at least one step further down the path of faith who you can turn to for advice? The test of maturity was not whether I could fix the light
or not. The test was whether I would ask for help.

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  1. October 1, 2012 9:51 PM

    Good word, Pastor Phil. Thank you.

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