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Subarus Everywhere

August 20, 2012

Our son recently purchased a different car. It is a Subaru. I’ve known many extremely loyal Subaru owners. Yet nothing really stood out to me about how many Subarus I had seen on the road.

Suddenly, with a Subaru parked in my driveway, I began to notice the Subaru insignia all over the road. Some times as I drive around, I feel like there could be a Subaru epidemic breaking out. It feels like they are everywhere.

Are there any more Subarus on the road today than there were in April when one came into our family? It is not a statistically significant number, if there is. So what is the difference? If you’ll indulge the idea, I now have a relationship with a Subaru!

This can be a similar phenomenon for people who begin the journey of faith with Jesus. Maybe for years, this person has walked through life unaware that Jesus was all around. Does Jesus become more present when a person says, “I believe”? I don’t think so. This person merely is more aware of Jesus’ presence. Suddenly, something that never connected may now be happening several times a day. Jesus is not necessarily more present; this person is more aware.

How often do you see Jesus? As your relationship with him deepens, he won’t be more present, you’ll just be more aware.

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  1. Anna Assink permalink
    August 20, 2012 10:37 AM

    I like that thought! God isn’t there just because you don’t see Him…just need to get that awareness, huh?

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