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Who Needs a Coach?

August 13, 2012

The Olympics are over. For two weeks, men and women from around the world compete in a wide variety of sports seeking the title of the World’s Best Athlete. In the end, each sport awards a gold medal to the winner in each sport.

One of the things I noticed is that even these premier athletes all have coaches. These men and women have trained extensively, most for years, and yet now that it is all on the line, they are still receiving guidance and encouragement trying to gain the slightest edge that will bring them the title. How long does one need a coach? Do you still need a coach after you have reached the Olympics? Apparently so.

What does that say to us about our Christian journey? How long does one need a coach? Can we say we have it figured out once we join the church? Does becoming a teacher take us beyond the need? How about when we are elected deacon or elder? Surely once we receive a Master of Divinity degree we have grown past the need for a coach? Or not.

The Christian journey is lifelong. Just as an Olympic athlete maintains a relationship with a coach all the way to the gold medal podium and beyond, so we need a spiritual coach throughout our life.

Who can you turn to when your soul needs to be adjusted? Who can point out your shortcomings so that your heart can grow larger? Who is pushing you so that your heart can grow stronger? The question is not “Who needs a coach?” The reality is, “Who doesn’t need a coach?”

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