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True Peace

July 23, 2012

Today a friend is undergoing surgery. She will have a double mastectomy. She is the 3rd friend in less than a few months who has had to face breast cancer in this way. Although each of their stories is slightly different, they are not entirely unique.

Each of them has families of their own, a community in which they are involved and friends that are a part of their lives. They have all struggled with the devastating news that has hit them like a tsunami and have been shoved to and fro from the tidal waves of emotions.
What has amazed me through each of their experiences is the community that surrounds each of them and the outpouring of encouragement, prayer and comfort. I am humbled by our community’s generosity and selflessness. This love and support offers hope that is only found in Christ.

I receive updates via email and Facebook and I’m able to follow along on their journeys as friends, neighbors and relatives offer words of encouragement. I am humbled by the strength that each has and by the trust they have in our Lord. I see responses that include… “We know that all of this is happening for a greater purpose and feel our Lord’s arms wrapped around us”… “This is where we dig in deeper for strength and link arms to surround them with love,” … “Your prayers to our all-powerful God have been felt!”…
As devastating as each of my friend’s experiences have been, healing has come for them both physically and emotionally. The storm has subsided for the time being and they now know that there is peace in knowing that God will help us in times of trouble. And, we all now bear witness that no matter what storm life may bring our way, He will help us through and provide support along the way.

I’m not sure who has learned greater lessons the past few months? I can only hope that I would have that same strength. God bless each of my friends on their journey. You are not alone…

“God is my refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1

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