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Compressing History

July 18, 2012

My wife, Melissa, does an amazing job of chronicling our family in picture albums. Our family archives go back over 30 years. The albums are artistically arranged and capture many of the special moments our family has shared. One of the measures of the dedication she has put into each book is that if you name a year, she can go to that album and show you what our family was doing.

She is so proficient at compiling these albums that she decided they needed to be pared down. We must have close to six feet of shelves filled with albums which are carefully labeled denoting the location we were living in at the time and what order they were created.

So, she embarked upon Operation Compression. She began to go through each page of her beautifully crafted albums and consolidate them. Where she had saved three pictures of an event, she would save only the best one. She laid them out so each of our boys would get a set of pages capturing the same event, but with pictures that featured them. The compression rate was at least three to one.

Melissa’s scrapbooking experience parallels our life experience. When we are going through a season – good or bad – every little detail seems important. We try to parse every conversation and analyze every coincidence to see what God may be saying to us. We hold on to even the most minute interaction looking for deeper meaning.

However, when we look back, a lot of what we were worried or stressed about wasn’t really that important. When we ‘compress’ our memory bank, we realize that we wasted a lot of time worrying about details that we didn’t need to.

What is needlessly consuming your energy today? What are you so focused on that you may be missing bigger and more important details? All of those memories are precious, but an historical perspective that looks back over a long period of time tells us that we can worry about a lot less and still get more out of life!

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  1. Mary Lee permalink
    July 18, 2012 10:37 PM

    Interesting to hear a story from one of our children about an “I told you so crisis”….that was a source of great laughter a month later. I’m going to pray for that laughter – the mole hill I thought was a mountain and see God working to get us over the hurdles and building more faith and trust as we go along.

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