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Leaning In

June 25, 2012

My husband and I just celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary last weekend. We had a good friend take our children for us so that we could spend much needed, quality time with one another. Life has been so busy for both of us lately. We’ve felt as though days pass without seeing much of one another and when we do, we’re both so tired that conversation is usually minimal.

We were able to enjoy a great dinner and long, uninterrupted conversation. We laughed and joked and remenisced of earlier days, talked about our upcoming summer plans and just truly connected with one another. We were able to lean into our relationship and fill one another’s emotional bank accounts. I realized that as days move by, we rarely stop to realize that we are running on empty. It’s only when we’re full again that we realize what we’ve been missing and just how important it is to make regular deposits.

It dawned on me that we often do the same thing with our relationship with God. Our days get busy, we fill our schedules and seem to just move through time and space. It doesn’t take much for us to forget to lean into our relationship with God. Running on empty, without God, can be taxing. We struggle, we fall and we begin to drift away. Yet, just as spending quality time with our spouses allows us to restore our relationship, the same happens when we take time to spend in the presence of God. When we truly lean into our relationship with God, we fill up with His love. We allow the Holy Spirit to renew us, to bring peace and comfort in knowing that He was waiting for us to come and sit, to visit. I know for myself, when I am closest to the Lord and truly lean in, my entire outlook is different. I look for ways to reach out to others instead of focusing just on myself. I am more patient  as I am reminded that we are all sinners and that we are all trying. I am more forgiving as I’m reminded of Christ’s sacrifice. And I am ever so grateful as I see God’s work all around on a daily basis.

I am grateful for 19 wonderful years with my husband and grateful for my relationship with God.  This weekend reminded me to make more deposits in all of my relationships.

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