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Who Deserves Grace?

May 28, 2012

At the annual awards ceremony for our local police department, one officer received a letter of commendation for saving a life. When he arrived on the scene of the call, the victim was lying on the floor unresponsive. The heroic officer performed lifesaving resuscitation until the paramedics could arrive on the scene.

However, the rest of the story is that the victim needed to be given an injection to counter the effects a nearly lethal overdose of heroine had caused. I have to confess, for at least a split second, I asked if this was a good use of our limited resources. It is easy to get very self-righteous if you believe someone has caused their own demise.

I came back to reality very quickly when I realized what a profound picture this is of grace. I have to see myself lying on the floor in a self-induced stupor. I have to realize I am not a very good candidate to receive an unmerited gift. But Jesus did not consider whether I deserved his love or not, he just gave it. Just like my officer friend did not consider the person’s behavior in measuring the value of saving her life, so Jesus does not pick only a few good people. Jesus picks the most unlikely and gives them a second chance.

Until I realize how desperately I need God to rescue me, I will continue on a path of self-destruction. It may not be obvious on the outside, but on the inside we are all dying until we let the Savior touch and transform our heart.

A dying addict, a hopeless case, a lost cause, a high risk, a potential waste, but Jesus loves me anyway.

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