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Upgrading My Faith

April 23, 2012

I recently had the ‘privilege’ of upgrading my laptop computer. The new computer comes with new software. I’m pretty sure that is a good thing, but I’m slightly technologically challenged. For good or for ill, I am able to turn on the computer and basically get it to do what I want it to do.

The other day, I had the occasion to open up the tutorial for new users. What an amazing concept! A video ‘computer for dummies’. Suddenly, I was being exposed to the new capabilities and progress built into this new machine. I found out that features I feared had disappeared from my old computer were actually enhanced and more easily available in my new one. Not only is my new computer able to do what I want it to do, but it can do even more than I know how to ask!

I’m reminded of my faith journey. I find a comfortable place to function and I am content to stay there. I may be only tapping into ten percent of what God has to offer, but why change what seems to be working?

Faith cannot be reduced to a five minute video. However, we are not destined to live life filled with an ignorance of God. He has given us his word to teach us. He has placed his Holy Spirit in our midst to guide us. He has given us seasoned travelers who can counsel us on our journey. We only need to open any of these ‘tutorials’ and be open to new insights.

God never intended for us to be content, “just getting by.” Jesus offers his followers life abundantly. As we learn some new things about following faithfully, we will find ourselves becoming a new and improved version!

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