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April 16, 2012

My daughter hopped in the van in carpool recently with a scowl on her face. I know better than to immediately ask what’s wrong.  I waited for her lip to start quivering, the van door to be shut and for my eyes to have met hers. It was then that I asked, “How was your day?”

She let the tears flow and told me that she had to sit on the red bench at recess. She and her friends broke a rule and began to play a game that wasn’t allowed for safety reasons. She admitted to me she was wrong. I didn’t have to ask about the incident or find out through someone else. I was glad that she felt comfortable enough to tell me. As she was talking, I asked myself why she felt the need to do so and thought very carefully about what my reaction should be. I realized that she needed to release her guilt and shame. She needed for me to say that she was forgiven and that it would be okay. She didn’t want to live with that burden on her heart any more. Of course, that’s what I did. I told her it would be okay and that she was forgiven – that we could move on.

But then I made one more comment. Her reaction is what surprised me. I wanted her to know that I appreciated her honesty and for telling me. I said, “That must have been hard to have to tell me. Thank you.” She quickly looked at me very puzzled and said, “No it wasn’t.”

I thought about this later and wondered why it was so easy for her to admit her guilt and so hard for most adults? It dawned on me that she wasn’t afraid of my reaction. She felt safe. She knew what she would get – loving arms and forgiveness. This is exactly what we get from God, but yet instead of rushing to fall at His feet, we run and hide from our shame. We fear rejection and judgment. We choose to live with our guilt, which separates us further from our Father.

This moment with my daughter has reminded me of God’s forgiveness and His grace. He provides a safe place for us to humble ourselves, to release our anguish, admit we are wrong and to remove the wedge we have placed between us. God’s grace is amazing. It is undeserving, but yet, he loves us no less. If we know this, what are we afraid of then? Shouldn’t we, too, rush to His open arms as my daughter rushed to my van?

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  1. Shannon permalink
    April 17, 2012 6:57 AM

    Love this April 🙂 Wish you were going on girls trip. Love Shannon

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