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Blemished Birds

March 28, 2012

I had the pleasure of having two beautiful Steller Jays visit our snowdrop tree in our backyard this week. You can tell its spring!  With the rain and the windy weather we’ve had of late, the Stellar Jays were welcomed with their beautiful colors and they serve as a good reminder that spring is right around the corner. They have put smiles on our entire family’s faces this week as we’ve grown used to watching them each morning over breakfast.

I haven’t seen Stellar Jays in our backyard before, so I decided to do a bit of research about them. I was surprised to learn that beyond their beautiful color and intelligence that they are actually quite aggressive birds. They are known to steal other bird’s nests and even kill other small birds if they feel they are a threat to their food source. Their habits were less than desirable. I admit that having this information took the beauty and awe away from my experience.

After doing my research, I was disappointed as I looked out the window and saw them perched in my tree. It then dawned on me how much we are like Steller Jays in many ways. Don’t we work very hard to ensure that our outside appearances are stellar? We all try to look our best; our hair, clothes, bodies, face. We attempt to fit in and seek to gain approval from others. We want to please others and try to disguise our fears and failures.  We hide behind our outward beauty and in doing so we lose ourselves and our individuality. We are very good a fooling others with appearances alone.

And yet, on the inside, we are sinful by nature. For many, we lack that same discipline for our hearts and our relationship with our Lord. We are made in God’s image. By design, we are wonderfully made and we have immeasurable worth to God. Being made in His image means we were made to resemble God, in that, we are to replicate His love, righteousness, beauty. Regardless of our sin, God still loves us and finds us all beautiful. We are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” What if we all placed emphasis on creating beauty within ourselves? What if we were more concerned with our relationships with one another and with Christ than we were about how we look? Wouldn’t then a junco be as beautiful for all to see as the Stellar Jay?

Otherwise… aren’t we all just blemished birds in a beautiful cage?

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