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Who sets Your Clock?

March 20, 2012

A friend at the gym was relating to me how a member of her church choir came to practice one hour late on the Tuesday after the day light savings time change. Somehow, this devoted singer had spent two days on standard time after the rest of the community had moved their clocks ahead one hour. Until her fellow choristers quizzed her about her late arrival, nothing had challenged her assumption that we were still on standard time.

I wonder if this woman’s seeming obliviousness to a well publicized reality might possess more insight than all of us who dutifully moved our clocks ahead one hour. What is it with moving the clocks around any way? We set our clocks ahead an hour and we have the exact same number of minutes of daylight we would have had if we hadn’t moved them a second!

Does moving our clocks give us some sense of control over time? Does the sun alter its course because we have rescheduled it?

Is it possible that we are all still on standard time, but we are living like it is day light savings time? Time is not ours; it is a gift from God. We are stewards of how we use our time, not owners who control it. The real question is not have your reset your clocks, but have you got the right timekeeper? No matter what time it is on our watch, we need to be checking with the One who provides the sun for the sun dial! No matter how atomically accurate our time pieces are, they only reflect the order of the Timekeeper.

Moving your watch or being moved by the Timekeeper, you decide which one will keep you on time…

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  1. March 20, 2012 6:33 PM

    I like the quote on Daylight Savings Time that is attributed to a Native American: “Only a white man would believe you could cut a foot of the top of the blanket, sew it to the bottom of the blanket and have a longer blanket.”
    The need to “control” time does seem, sometimes, to be a factor of our particular culture.

    • March 21, 2012 2:11 PM

      Thanks, Kathleen. This is a great reminder that it probably takes us more time and energy ‘saving time’ that if we left well enough alone. Hope you can enjoy every minute of your day!

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