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Unauthorized Charger

February 13, 2012

I was recently traveling and did not have my phone charger with me. Since it has a USB connection, which I have used before to charge it, I decided to plug it into my computer. The display read, “Unauthorized Charger”. I ignored the warning and left the phone plugged in over night. In the morning the battery indicator had not moved.

I nursed my phone through the trip, but when I saw a charging station provided by my carrier in the airport, I felt the smart thing to do would be to beef up the battery for the trip home. I plugged in the adapter cord, again…“Unauthorized Charger”. Even though I was sure it would work, nothing I did could convince my phone otherwise. Some little electronic part was desperately defending its territory.

This got me to thinking, what if we had such a discerning component in our brain? Wouldn’t you love it if any time someone was misleading your child, a warning light would go off, “Unauthorized Source” and their minds would close to the misinformation and protect their innocence?

We do have the ability, but it must be developed. It doesn’t work automatically. We need to cultivate minds that engage information as it is coming in. Just because something is in the newspaper or on the internet or is popular does not make it true! Following Jesus does not require us to disengage our brains nor to block undesirable messages. When our minds are renewed, we are able to filter information, keeping the truth and dismissing the lies.

Many sources speak words about faith, but Jesus speaks true words of faith! Make sure you use the Authorized Source! His desire is not to limit us. He wants to protect us.

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