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A Yearning

January 2, 2012


I remember someone asking me a few years back if it would have helped to have known as a child that I could crawl up into Jesus’ lap when I needed comfort. It brought me to tears and still does today as I think about that question. And yet, the tears are not for me. My heart aches as I see children being rushed from one activity to another, having dinner tossed at them in the minivan, throwing them in front of video games so that we can get through our to do lists. I ask myself what our children would like most? I wonder if the answer would be to just crawl up into Mom or Dad’s lap for just a little while?

I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with several teenagers over the past few weeks and when I asked them what they would change about their families, most of them said they wished their parents would spend more time with them. I recently read a letter that a 23 year old young man wrote to his mother. He talked about missing times when they would swing in the back yard or snuggle on the couch. He also talked about how, throughout his years of growing up, the hugs were replaced by things. They were replaced by a bigger home, more toys, increased social status. His letter read, “I can’t eat money. I can’t hug money. I can’t truly love a house. I can’t hug a nice part of town. I can’t cuddle up and watch a movie with my stuff.”  Deep within his heart he yearned for something that doesn’t cost money – he yearned for love.

It’s strange how we have become so busy that just saying “no” to doing more is what seems odd and out of place. Slowing down becomes stressful. We question whether or not our children should play certain sports, join another club, play an instrument, or risk being left out. And yet, the yearning within our children’s hearts is not to have more friends and more activities, but to feel important, to feel loved and to be heard.

As I often crawl up into Jesus’ lap even as an adult, I pray that my children will know to do the same throughout their lives. And I pray that He will help me to remember to take the time to offer my own lap to my children. I hope you will do the same as we begin a new chapter in a New Year. 

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  1. Mary Lee permalink
    January 3, 2012 3:41 PM

    Beautifully said and so very, very true.

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