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The Best Medicine

December 5, 2011

Last week, I wrote about the dangers of getting inoculated against a full blown case of Jesus. A slight or distorted exposure to Christianity could leave us resistant to the vibrant and adventurous life he calls us to.

I’ve been thinking about what are some symptoms that might help us diagnose this possibly serious condition. 

One condition is considering our walk with Jesus as optional. Do we fit Jesus into our busy schedule, or is he at the center of our life? When Jesus calls us to follow, he calls us to build our lives around him.

Another condition finds us calculating the minimum requirements. In this state we think about what is the least we can do. How seldom can we pray, study, worship, and serve and still be considered Christian? Love never asks, “How little?” 

Another symptom is isolation. In this, we consider our faith to be very private. Jesus calls his disciples into community. To be a Christian by its very nature is to be connected to other followers of Jesus. Christianity is very personal, but it is never private.

One other symptom almost seems counter intuitive. This is to set up a required checklist. This is an effort to earn what comes to us as a gift. Love is not prescribed from the outside; it flows genuinely from the heart.

When I stood before family, friends, and God and pledged my life to Melissa, the pastor asked if I would love, honor, and cherish her, as long as we live. If I had responded, “If I have to,” or “How hard do I have to work at that?” the wedding would never have happened!

We need to view our relationship with Christ as a love affair. Sadly, it is a relationship that can be seriously damaged by the wrong experience. The good news, Jesus came at Christmas to show us God wants to reverse the effects of any spiritual disease we might have contracted. One of the best antidotes is to remember it all began with the invitation from Jesus, “Follow Me.” Nothing more; nothing less. This is the right medicine for whatever symptoms you have!

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