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Voting Limits

November 7, 2011

Tomorrow is an election day. Expectations are low in Washington State for participation. The issues and candidates don’t seem to have engaged a wide number of people.

What do you think determines how a person will vote? Maybe this reflects my slightly jaded political and world view, but I think most people vote based on how it impacts their life. They ask questions like, “How much will this cost me?” or “What will I have to change?” If they don’t like the answer, they vote against it. Only the most altruistic among us bother to think about the impact on others.

Some things in life are worth paying for. Some things in life are worth changing for.

I think that democracy distorts our faith. We get so used to ‘controlling’ our environment through our votes that we actually believe we should be able to vote on whether we do what the Bible asks of us or not. God should abide by the majority decision! When our churches make decisions, do we ask about the comfort of the people who don’t come or the people who do? Do I ask God to take care of me or do I ask God how I can take care of others? Do I beg God to do it my way or do I trust that his way is in my best interest?

 Jesus said, “Follow me.” We don’t get to vote on that, but we do have a choice.

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