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Who Needs Grace?

October 24, 2011

            Have you ever had a friend say that “If I come to church, the ceiling would come down!” The inference is that their life is so far from God that a daring appearance in God’s house would result in disaster. We tend to think that a person who has lived life far from God needs an extra measure of grace for any hope of salvation.

             However, Dallas Willard turns this thinking upside down. Willard suggests that the gross sinner is not the one who needs extra grace but the person who would aspire to be a faithful follower of Jesus. Listen to his thoughts and consider how dependent we all are upon God’s extravagant grace.

           God has made provision for achieving this aim (spiritual formation in Christ). To “grow in grace” means to utilize more and more grace to live by, until everything we do is assisted by grace. Then, whatever we do in word or deed will be done in the name of the Lord Jesus (Colossians 3:17). The greatest saints are not those in need of less grace, but those who consume the most grace, who indeed are most in need of grace – those who are saturated by grace in every dimension of their being. Grace to them is like breath.

Renovation of the Heart, Dallas Willard, p. 93-94.

             We are never so bad grace cannot reach us. We are never so good we have no need for it.

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