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Inner Strength

August 29, 2011

At a National Park Visitor’s Center, I learned that one of the unique abilities of an Avalanche Lily is to generate its own heat. This allows the lily to melt the snow that covers it and get a jump on the flora that surrounds it. This early start allows the flower to complete its reproductive process in the harsh elevations and short summers of an alpine meadow.

We sometimes feel buried by the cares of life. Under the load, we feel as trapped and frozen as one of these delicate lilies. But what a lesson they have to offer. They do not wait for the sun or any other creature to free them. They use their God given ability to melt the snow and break out into the light of the sun.

I’m not suggesting that any of us should refuse help in a time of need. What I am suggesting is that our God knows every detail and circumstance of our life. Even when the avalanche of life buries us, he still knows where we are. And more, he is our primary source of strength to melt away the heartaches and hardships so that we can enjoy the light of life and joy of grace.

God may choose to use others to help dig us out, but know that his love within us is enough to melt any circumstance that seems to hide his presence from us. The next time you feel buried by life, remember the words of Jesus, “Consider the lilies of the field…”

Photo: Courtesy of Walter Siegmund,

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  1. David Blauw permalink
    November 13, 2011 2:20 PM

    Brother Phil,
    I just now found an egg dish recipe from the finest B&B in Edmonds on a forgotten pile of papers on my dresser and scribbled at the top was I’m sorry that I haven’t logged on til now; but scrolled back to July and saw the pieces about keys and Benson. I enjoyed reading many entries on the way there. You’re a fine writer and have a devoted heart for the Maker. i’ll be reading more along the way. Thanks!! David

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