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Urgent Care Information

August 8, 2011

I was recently sitting in an urgent care waiting room. I was trying to mind my own business, but suddenly the business of two other families came to dominate the room. The two three year old patients opened the door to some very important conversations. I learned the degree of success each of these families had experienced in potty training their first borns. I also learned the frustrations they were experiencing with these two three year olds. I learned that each family was still undecided on how many children to have in their families. Later, the three year old emerged from the restroom with the glorious news, “I went potty.” But the crowning news was announced by our budding angel after the visit with the doctor and subsequent trip to the restroom, “My mommy went potty!” Do I really want to know this???

I was struck by the amount and intimacy of the information shared that day amongst people who had entered the clinic strangers. Some was cute due to the age of those present, some was predictable due to the stage of life, and some just TMI!

It made me think about with whom and where do I share the most personal and intimate parts of my life. Not the family relationships, but the eternal one. I find myself wanting everything to be just right. I don’t want to be too aggressive, but I don’t want to be too passive. I want the words to be smooth, but I don’t want them to be contrived.

Maybe I just need to take a lesson from the three year old. When you have good news to share, you just let it flow. The things I learned in the clinic were timely, but not timeless. My shouting out to strangers might be as profitable as the proclamation of a three year old. But what about my friends and family? What about the people closest to me? Am I holding back or ready to shout? The throne in a restroom may not be the best podium for this pronouncement, but why not initiate a cup of coffee, a back yard barbecue, or a shared concert that would allow just such a conversation? In the end, I simply want my friends to know the message is urgent and that I care.

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