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A Caution about Composting

August 1, 2011

I was pulling some weeds this spring. Since they were still relatively small, I decided to save space in the yard waste bin and compost them. They formed a nice pile of fresh green material to be converted into lush mulch.

A few days later, I walked by my pile and noticed a flaw in my theory. Some of the leaves were withering, but others still seemed fresh and green. Upon closer inspection, even though the plants had been uprooted, they did not die! The weeds continued to grow and now with a special sense of urgency were forming flowers and seed pods. This is not what I wanted in my mulch.

This picture reminded me of how sin sometimes works in my life. I ‘pull it out’ and think I have dealt with it. However, I have actually piled it in a corner of my life where it continues to grow. If I do not tend to the mess, I will not only have not gotten rid of the original weeds, but I will have created the environment where thousands of new seeds will sprout.

It is hard work staying ahead of the weeds in our yard. It is harder work staying ahead of sin in my life. I need to make sure I have not only made a commitment to ‘pulling’ it, I need to make sure I am removing it. This may require accountability from a trusted spiritual friend, filling the empty space with healthy activity, or help from a qualified counselor to guide me.

God wants us to enjoy the beauty of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control in our lives. We need to remember that the fruit of the Spirit grows from good seed in a well kept garden.

To reseed the weeds is a foolish use of time. To resow sin is a foolish use of grace.

Picture by Alvesgaspar

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