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A Light in the Darkness

July 4, 2011

        Melissa and I recently attended a meeting at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We were squeezing in an evening walk about 9 PM on June 18. As we circled the campus, the light of day was gently fading. We began to notice something foreign to our West Coast existence. We were seeing little flashes of light appearing along the path. Harkening back to our early science classes, we recalled a bug called a firefly. As we walked, we marveled at the spectacle of these little insects providing such simple entertainment.

            My mind drifted to think about where these bugs are all day. I don’t know if they are nocturnal or not, but assuming they are alive during the daylight hours, they provide a great lesson for us. As long as it is light, you can’t see the entrancing glow of these insects. However, when surrounded by darkness, the grounds came alive as if these critters exist solely for nighttime entertainment.

             These tiny bugs provide a picture of our infinite God. As we journey through life, we can walk unaware of God’s presence when life is easy. When life is ‘light,’ we don’t sense much need for God. Our homes are warm, our families are close, our health is fine, and our jobs are secure. All of these comforts can disappear and our world seems to come crashing in. In a word, our world turns ‘dark.’

             While the darkness is difficult, even sometimes frightening, it is also a time for our Ultimate Security to shine. We can focus on the darkness or look for someone to blame for the pain. However, the Hope we have to get us through these difficult seasons specializes in overcoming darkness. The next time you find yourself groping in the darkness, remember to pray to the One who made fireflies. He is always there; He just shines brighter in the darkness.

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