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Would You Recommend this Doctor?

June 20, 2011

Tell me what is wrong with this picture. I’m on I-5 southbound and traffic is kind of slowing down. As I look over to the right lane, I can see at least one cause for the delay. A panel type of van is going well under the speed limit. Some cars are backing up and others are pulling around. As I pull even with the slow vehicle, I’m struck by the sign on its side: Car Doctor. The red cross on the side signals help and hope resides here. The speed at which it is traveling says you will die before help arrives. 

I immediately think to myself, this is about the last person I would call to be a doctor on my car! Doesn’t a person have to at least drive the speed limit on the freeway to qualify as a Car Doctor? 

When we receive the name ‘Christian,’ we are marked. It may not be as evident as the sign on the side of the car, but everyone who knows that we are followers of Jesus makes assumptions about what they can expect from us. They make assumptions about how we will act. The challenge we face is making sure our character is consistent with our calling. Are we helping people in need or are we blocking the way?

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