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A ‘Mazing’ Help

June 13, 2011

I hope it was the yellow slip of paper and not my pathetic appearance that was the clue for my rescuer. I was trapped in an endless maze at the doctor’s office. I had foolishly failed to notice any landmarks as I proceeded through the halls into the exam room. When I was dismissed to go to the lab for a blood draw, I was hopelessly lost. Fear and anxiety had blinded me to the signs that said, “LAB” and the helpful arrows pointing the way out of the maze. My steps were tenuous as I approached each intersection hoping for something that looked familiar or could yield a clue for which way I should turn next. My head was gyrating back and forth scanning the area for hint. 

Walking in the opposite direction, a helpful lady said, “You look like you are heading for the lab. Follow me. I’m on my way there.” 

I did an about face and my pace quickened. I had to in order to keep up with my would-be deliverer. Down this hall, around that corner, down the stairs, a right turn and there was the lab! What a relief! 

What a difference it can make to have someone who has been there before leading you to your destination. People around us are in need of a guide, children, neighbors, classmates, and co-workers. With a simple invitation, we can offer them assistance that will make their path easier and safer. We don’t need to lecture or scold them for being lost. They are painfully aware of the foreboding sense of helplessness. 

People are reluctant to ask for assistance. Heroes are sensitively on the look out for those who need a guide. They don’t ask for glory or reward. They quietly offer their hand and lead others through. 

If you see a new classmate on your campus, ask them to join you for lunch. If you see a new employee in the office, welcome them into your circle. If you have a new neighbor on your block, offer them your favorite kitchen cuisine. If you see a visitor in your house of worship, invite them to sit with you. If you’ve lost a job before, encourage someone who is looking for one. If you’ve lost a loved one, comfort someone who is grieving. 

Life equips us to be guides. Use your experience to help someone else find their way. People will be a‘mazed’ by your thoughtfulness.

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