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In the Presence of Royalty

May 2, 2011

Over two billion people around the world watched the royal wedding on TV. As many as one million people crowded onto the streets ofLondonto catch a glimpse of Prince William and his new bride, Kate Middleton, travel through town. One of the most sought after locations was a view of the kiss on the balcony. I enjoyed the ceremony and the pageantry. Something about the event inspires hope within our hearts. 

People made great sacrifices just to be in the crowd; to be able one day to tell their children and grandchildren, “I was there.” People traveled thousands of miles with no guarantee of being able to see even a peek of the royal couple. They were willing to sacrifice time, money, comfort, and sleep. The massive crowd seemed effervescent and enthusiastic, yet managed to maintain respectful manners. 

People lined the streets ofJerusalemto welcome Jesus on Palm Sunday. They were filled with hope and the expectation that a new king would rule their city. They were hoping the foreigners would be ousted and the native son enthroned. His throne ended up being a cross. But his sacrifice gave us unlimited access to the King of kings. Seeing the royal couple on their wedding day was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Seeing the King of kings is the opportunity for eternity. What would our world be like if people put that much effort into being in the presence of the King?

Photo by John McNab

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