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Have You had your Annual Spiritual?

April 6, 2011

I went in recently for my annual physical. So much fun to have a stranger staring at your half naked body and making comments! He checked my ears, peered down my throat, and listened to my lungs. He asked me questions and studied all my available numbers – height, weight, blood pressure, and pulse. It was reassuring to hear him say everything looked good. 

However, he was not willing to sign off until we get the ‘lab work’ done. The doctor is looking for data that will tell him how the unseen parts are doing. Down the hall and around the corner, the nice lady stuck her surgical fang into my arm and filled at least four vials with blood. Each one was specially labeled and prepared to measure another part of my body. When these results come back and are interpreted, my physical will be done and my doctor will more confidently make his annual assessment on the ‘State of the Body’ report. 

How many times do we stop short of a full spiritual assessment? We look at all the outside stuff, often referring to housing, food, bank accounts, and other material items as the leading spiritual indicators of ‘blessing’. If our relationships are reasonable and our debts manageable, we keep on smiling. If our health is adequate and our jobs secure, we feel content and offer thanks. 

But what about the unseen parts? How can we assess how our heart is spiritually? How can we measure the impact of holding a grudge or plotting revenge? How do we measure and adequate level of vitamin prayer or mineral scripture? Who’s probing to see why joy is not present in our soul? Do we have an adequate level of gratitude? 

Just like we trust a doctor to speak truthfully and helpfully into our physical world, we need a spiritual partner who can help us assess the interior of our soul. We need to be as candid in our self assessment as our blood work is of our body chemistry. One ignores physical warning signs and risks death. If we ignore our leading spiritual indicators, we also risk a death, but this one can happen before our hearts stop beating. The medical community recommends an annual physical for a good body. Why not couple that with an annual ‘spiritual’ for a healthy soul? The Physician has an opening to meet with you!

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