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Dripping in Hope

March 21, 2011

On a trip to Leavenworth, I was sitting on the deck of the condo listening to the sounds of the morning. The earth was still blanketed in a deep layer of snow. The landscape looked suitable only for polar bears and children bundled up with hats, boots, snow pants, and a down jacket. But on this morning, the sun pushed the thermometer past 32 degrees and the dripping sound of melting water filled the air. The sound reminded me that soon spring would come. With it, the snow would be gone, the grass would turn a brilliant green and the bulbs would flash the first colors of life announcing the change of seasons.

Our lives are portrayed in that scene as well. Sometimes, we are in the dead of winter. Life has taken everything out of us and we are feeling cold and barren. Pressures have wrapped us in a frigid blanket of circumstances that leave us feeling lifeless and indifferent. We could be described as overwhelmed, depressed, tired, or burned out. The reality is that the tank is on empty, and we don’t see any gas station in sight. 

The gentle drips of spring bring us hope. Under that cold stark blanket, life is being renewed. Under a scene that looks bleak, nutrients are being gathered and moisture is being absorbed. Roots are growing deeper and sap is moving back up the trunk to engorge buds that are waiting to emerge. 

When we find ourselves on empty, we might long for the days when we felt like we were ‘on top of the world’. When we woke up fresh and vibrant and no problem could hold us back. The reality is that we need to ease back into the flow of life. If all the snow in Leavenworth melted in one day, it would be a tragedy, not a triumph. The hope of new life would be swept away in the torrent of flood waters. 

The gentle drips of spring remind us that life will be renewed within us slowly, but surely. One warm smile, one gentle embrace, one kind card, and one word of affirmation can begin the flow of hope. 

Whether you are able to give a sign of spring or need to receive a sign of spring, may a drop of hope flow through your thoughts and actions today.

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  1. Mary Lee permalink
    March 22, 2011 6:11 PM

    Thank you!

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