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Poopy Faith

March 7, 2011

Woodland Park Zoo is at it again. One of their annual fund raisers is to sell ‘ZooDoo’. This is a marvelous rich organic mix which can be taken home and spread around your yard. Anyone who has grown up in a more rural environment has trouble imagining people taking their cars to the zoo to buy doo, but in Seattle it happens. All of the best that the elephants, giraffes, hippos, monkeys, bears, zebras, gnus, and lions have left behind has been composted and turned into a money generator for the zoo. 

Is there a life lesson for us? Life is sometimes, well…, poopy. Bad stuff happens. It might be little ‘monkey stuff’ like getting cut off on the freeway, not getting a class you were hoping for, or getting passed over at work. It could be slightly bigger ‘zebra stuff’ not getting called back for the second interview, or not getting accepted to the school you really wanted to attend. It could be the ‘elephant stuff’ when a spouse hurts you or leaves you, a loved one dies, a fire destroys your home, or a doctor says you have a life threatening condition. 

The reality is that the stuff is there. We don’t get to choose whether or not we will have it. We only get to choose what we will do with it. Our options range from complaining about the dirt, mess, and smell to composting. Composting is much more work. It involves moving it and turning it and tending it. But the results are much more fruitful. We can complain about the stuff for the rest of our lives and it will still be a stinky mess! 

However, if we take the time to compost it, we reap a rich by product that literally transforms poop into profit. In life, different stuff takes different amounts of time to compost. We can probably recycle a harsh word in a day or two. We may need months or years to recycle more devastating events. 

The bottom line is that we all have stuff. Faith can be a valuable component to add to our stuff. Over time, it can be one ingredient that helps turn our haplessness into hopefulness. God has never promised us a way out. He promises to help us make it through the doo.

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  1. Edie Tye permalink
    March 7, 2011 10:00 PM

    Isn’t it amazing how composted poop placed carefully in the garden can produce such beauty in the plants it nourishes? How often do we really notice the growth and beauty that can result from the poopy parts of life when they are composted and reused?

  2. Mary Lee permalink
    March 11, 2011 12:14 PM

    Good reason to keep a pair of hip boots in the closet!

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