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Becoming Clear

February 14, 2011

When I click the word ‘view’ for an attachment in my Gmail, a new window opens up with the document. At first, the text is very blurry and illegible. Given a few seconds, the screen becomes clear and a very readable (sometimes even color) document appears on my screen. 

Life can be like that. Initially, the circumstances seem very unclear, blurry, and uncertain. If we make a snap decision, we would conclude it is not working or cannot work. In the case of the attached file, I might close the browser and lament the attachment did not work. I would then busily set off to come up with another way to access the information. I could ask the sender to try again. I could ask the sender for a hard copy. I could keep clicking ‘view’ and closing the window, because I can’t read it. I could just give up and miss the information all together. 

All of these efforts would be rendered unnecessary if I would just wait about 15 seconds. Sometimes, God does not give us the whole picture right away. He only shows us the next step or maybe only promises to be with us through the darkness and confusion we are in. 

We humans are an impatient lot. We want immediate answers and information. The life of faith is not always immediate and not always clear. Sometimes we muddy the waters with our poor choices. Sometimes God uses uncertainty in our lives to develop a stronger trust in Him. God reveals a promise to the prophet Jeremiah that can help us through such times: I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for. (Jeremiah 29:11 The Message). 

Is there anything unclear in your life today? God wants us to know that one day, we will look back and we will be able to see how he brought clarity to our confusion, but we will have to wait for His timing. A lack of clarity on our part is not a lack of ability on His part. We may not be able to see clearly, but God wants us to know we can trust Him completely.

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