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A Free Gift

February 8, 2011

Our son, Jonathan, recently received a free computer! He had applied to Google to be a part of a field test for some of their new ‘cloud’ technology. Since he did not receive any notification that it was coming, he opened the box inquisitively. Even with the shipping material removed, the package remained a mystery. Suddenly, it dawned on him that he had ‘won’. Here was this cool new device, and it was his! He literally leaped with joy. 

Soon, the battery was installed and the charger was plugged in. He couldn’t wait to hit the ‘on’ button and see what this tool could do. I have no idea what time he went to bed that night. 

I’m not sure a team of horses could have kept him away from that lap top that night. I can’t image a day going by that he won’t turn it on and use it. Leaving it in the box, even for a day will never be an option. Even though it was free, it is a valued and treasured resource to him. 

Grace is God’s amazing free gift to us. Yet, how many of us receive it with a rush of joy and then go off and leave it in the box? Grace, like the computer, is only helpful when used. It will always be ours; God has given it unconditionally to us. However, if we want grace to be amazing in our lives, we need to make sure it is out of the box and turned on. It is not a trinket to play with or a trophy to display; it is an invitation to a way of life. Opening our Bibles is like opening a lap top. When we crack the cover, all the resources on the inside are available to us. 

Jonathan can’t imagine being without his CR-48; I hope you can’t imagine a day without grace.

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