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Just a (nano) Second

January 31, 2011

The ad shows three people in a carpool watching their cellular phones. One phone quickly downloads the humorous message and the proud owner gleefully chuckles. Meanwhile, the other two pool mates have to wait an agonizing additional 10 seconds to get the same message from their antiquated system. 

Do we really believe that waiting 10 seconds for a message on our mobile device is going to make a difference in our life? It makes me wonder if we have lost sight of the greater measure as we have gotten more excited about speed and performance. Most of us have already forgotten dial up internet. We can’t remember being out of the office for part of the day and having to check messages. We are instantly connected in the car, on the road, or out of the office.

However, our fixation on fractions of seconds may have the tendency to cause us to lose our perspective on larger blocks of time, say Eternity, for example. Might Jesus say today, “What does it profit a person if he/she gains 30 seconds and loses his/her soul?” 

Next time you grow impatient with your sluggish, outdated technical device; next time you fantasize about owning the newest, fastest processor on the market; pause for at least a nanosecond and ask yourself how your life is in light of eternity. If we miss that ‘technology’, it will be a lot longer wait. Ultimately, our life won’t be measured by the speed of our technology devices, but by the depth of our souls. Maybe the time we save with technology could help us develop a better connection with the Savior.

(Photo by Jonathan Assink)

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