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Why Wait?

January 17, 2011

We have lived in our home for nearly 17 years. A long time ago, it developed a squeak. Any time you walked through one door upstairs or entered the kitchen downstairs, the whole house creaked. This was not a dainty or gentle sound, but a loud and annoying noise. 

Several years ago, I searched until I found the floor joists and drove several nails through the carpet and into the flooring to seek some relief from this malady. This effort produced no results. Fearing that it would take a virtual extreme home makeover to free us of this problem, we resorted to a sullen resolve that we would have to learn to live with it. 

However, as I talked to a contractor friend, new ideas (short of demolition) began to emerge. If we couldn’t fasten down the squeaking boards, maybe we could raise up the supports under them. Down into our crawl space I went, armed with a beefy house jack. I carefully placed the jack on the cement pad next to the post I had identified as the most likely culprit. Within minutes, the jack was putting pressure on the beam. With a few firm strokes of the lever, the beam was lifted about 1/8 of an inch off the post. Much to our delight, the problem is virtually resolved! 

I wonder how many of us walk around tolerating some annoyance in our life; not a brief or intermittent irritation, but relentless and constant. Yet something has conditioned us to be resigned to accept it. We should take careful stock of such irritations. Some issues cannot be solved, but too often we waste precious time and energy tolerating them. 

If you have a difficulty in your life you have resigned yourself to endure, I hope our squeaky floor can inspire you to take some action. Talk to a friend, find a professional, explore the options. You may be only minutes from relief! Even if it takes more time or effort than it took to raise our home, being free from the problem is more than worth it. 

Where we once dreaded tip toeing, we now dare to dance. What are you ready to change?

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